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My name is Ivan David Lippens, and I became a Full-Time Freelancer, years ago, in 2015.
Now, I run a Full-Stack Digital Agency and Consultancy, with a focus on Web Design and SEO Services.

Through a lot of quality customer service, building good social proof, and improving the value of my service packages, I brought my brand to a place where I had to start creating more scalable systems.
Now, me and my team run various aspects of implementation, support, and product design, while I ensure that the value we provide is ever increasing, and clients are taken care of.

This industry is mostly filled with middle-men, or bloated agencies, trying to flip a profit, which I think is a real sham, unfortunately, because the prices get hiked up, and business owners often get drawn in by hype that brings them little-to-no results, for a really steep commitment.
On the other hand, some business owners try to bypass that whole dynamic, and outsource to discounted labor overseas, but there are problems, there, as well, with security, accountability, and customer service, among other things.

One of my most common clients are those who have hired one of the former two, especially the latter, and they can’t really tell what has been done, for the money they paid, or the quality was poor, and then the people they hired, just, disappeared!
As someone who has purchased A LOT of software, in this space, for example, I have these kinds of experiences ALL THE TIME.

Personally, I’ve lost thousands of dollars on scams from these kinds of people, over the years.
So, I know exactly how it feels to be taken advantage of, and for someone to put themselves into a place of vulnerability, with these kinds of service providers.

When I’m looking for a solution to a problem, I don’t wanna be hassled, called over-and-over, thrown into an email marketing list, have my information sold to others, up-sold like crazy, cheated, scammed, or anything in-between.
I just want a simple fix, and if I have to pay for something, then I want it to actually work, and be reasonably priced. 



Online Marketing Help
for Every Business. 

That’s my Slogan, and with me, Ivan, you get an advocate, in your corner, who wants you to succeed, and who can help you work-out all of the details. 
If you’re a small business, with a small budget, we have tailored solutions for you, at prices you can feel good about; and if you’re a big business, with a big budget, we can help you create a long-term strategy, and I can make sure the big-picture plan stays organized, on-target, and of the kind of quality that you demand for your business.

So, whatever your business type might be, you can always know what’s going on, get measurable results, and receive the kind of quality you expect, for price you’re paying.
100% of the clients who have communicated a problem with my services, which is rare to begin with, for me, have received support, had their concerns resolved, and often times result in customers who have been so exceedingly satisfied that they provided me with great feedback on popular public social proof platforms.

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