ChargeDesk Features

  • Integrates with dozens of popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Woocommerce, and many more.
  • Integrates with over a dozen popular ticketing systems, including Gmail, Zendesk, and it’s own internal ticketing system.
  • Automated Creation and Maintenance of Customer Backend Dashboards and Profiles, including Invoice Generation and Maintenance, and Optional Credit Card Storing.
  • Browser Extension makes it EASY to Access Customer Data, Issue Refunds, Confirm Payments, and Send New Invoices.
  • Custom Invoices with options for One-Off Payments, Static Products, or Subscriptions, including complex features, like:
    • Repeat Charge every Period of Time (number of days, weeks, months, years)
    • Trial for X number of Days (charges after trial)
    • Quantity of Package
    • Setup Fee (one-off, prior to subscription)
    • Repeat Indefinitely, or Repeat for a Finite period of time, like X number of billing cycles (so, $10/mo for 6months, or example)
  • Option to White-Label ChargeDesk Customer Billing Support Pages to a Sub-Domain.
  • Static Products can be Embeded On-Page, with a High Level of Customization.
  • Automatically Charge Cards On-File with the Stripe Integration.
  • High Level of Template Customization, with both simple radial options, and the ability to customize some parts of the code, yourself.
  • Fantastic Documentation and LIVE Customer Support through Intercom, in their backend.
  • And much more…

Why I Needed a Special Billing Solution…

As a service provider, I wanted a way to deal with customer billing and invoicing directly in the support channel.
So, I went looking for something, and eventually I found ChargeDesk.

It allows me to work with my clients, in email, and then use the browser extension to send payment requests, or directly charge their card.
If I wanna see billing history, to confirm a payment, it’s right there ready-to-go.

In the past, I would hop over to a project management tool, build an invoice, send it over, and then get an email confirmation.
Now, I can just click a button while I’m INSIDE the client email, and I can see the history of our business together, with options to charge for more services.

Check-it-out, and let me know what you think! 🙂

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