You know what would be Great?
A Customer Service Company that you can pay to DEAL with OTHER Customer Service Departments from ANY company you’re dealing with.
That would be great.
I would possibly pay for that. 🤭
Some of these companies seem to do whatever they can to make things as annoying as possible.

PayPal, for example, has departments that you can’t send support messages to, you have to call a phone number. (LoL)


Might as well send a horse and a rider, in some cases. 🤣😢

How I caught Amazon Fraud…

Recently, one fine morning, I spotted charges on my Amazon Store Card, which I had never seen before, via “Card Security”, which I never signed up for. 
Apparently they were charging me since 2016.
I called (because you can’t send messages or email, as this is 1992, Beauty and the Beast just came out, and I’m 3yrs old), and complained, then got a $444 refund, with almost no resistance.
(probably no resistance, because they got caught) 

So many big companies seem to be employing sneaky little tactics, in an attempt to squeeze their customers for a little extra money, and in some cases, like this one, in the hopes that the customer won’t even notice.

I never looked at this card’s statement, for example, because it’s an Amazon Store Card.

Which means that I don’t use it ANYWHERE else, other than Amazon.

So, why would I even look at the statements, anyways?

But I guess that’s kind of what they are counting on, here.

If they do this to all of their customers, there could easily be a million other people, out there, just like me.

For Amazon, that’s somewhere around $400,000,000 they are basically hoping no one notices.
(close to half a billion)

It’s pretty crazy, when you think about it.
(even if they returned my money, they got to keep it for two whole years)

The Spreading Disease that is Digital Fraud…

Me, and my family, have had similar fraud experiences with Charter Spectrum (Time Warner), AT&T, Google, PayPal, Microsoft, pretty much any big bank or creditor is likely to fall into this category, Citi being at least one that I’ve had poor dealings with through my Best Buy credit card, and I’m sure there are at least a few others, over the years, in various capacities.

Not to mention the rampant fraud in the Internet Marketing Community, which is on a whole other level. 

Okay, rant over, though I do have more stories, like this, but seriously…

What is this mass corporate criminality, right now?! 🤥🤫

It blows my mind that there is little to no accountability for these kinds of business practices. 

This kind of thing, at scale, can severely harm the finances of the average person, and, apparently, even big-brands cannot be trusted. 

Despite the many fraudulent actions that I have caught, over the years, I have still been a victim for thousands of dollars, which were too cumbersome, and time consuming, for me to defend against. 

Ecommerce desperately needs a solution, for both buyer and seller, which establishes a healthy level of accountability! 

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