First, and foremost, thank you for purchasing my DIY White-Hat SEO Guide.
I have worked on this guide for years, and I sincerely hope that you take some sort of value from your time, here.

Anyone, at any level, can take something away from this guide.
Even so, if, at anytime, you feel that you have not received the level of value you were expecting, you may either let me know, or you may request a refund.

This is a legitimate brand, which strives to create value for those who are searching for answers.
It is my sincerest hope that I am able to provide you with something of value, and with that said, let’s dive in! 🙂

If Video Quality is Poor, at any time, please try closing background tabs and programs. 

DIY Flash-Fire White-Hat SEO Guide

For those who ‘aint got no time to be messin’ around with a bunch of flim-flam, you might wanna check-out this quickstart variation of the larger guide.
It contains the general idea of how I like to do things, but none of the details on getting there.

For those who are more experienced, you will likely find nothing new, here, but I do include a special video, just for you, so you can better understand how I might do things a little differently from the crowd.


This Flash-Fire template represents the Big Picture of my core guide. 
Therefore, I recommend that you start, here, as well as end, here, once you go through the principle materials. 

DIY White-Hat SEO Guide
Table of Contents:

Basically, rather than one massive page, with a very large amount of content, it made more sense to segment each section of the guide, and then link to those sections, here.
There is more than a few hours worth of content, here, including the videos, so I recommend you get a pen and paper, and take notes on things that interest you.

  1. Begin with the Flash-Fire Overview
  2. The Only 2 SEO Ranking Factors
  3. SEO Content CRO Template
  4. SEO Mass Page Building Template
  5. Template for SEO Content and Blogging
  6. SEO Engagement Tactics
  7. End with the Flash-Fire Overview

BONUS Additions to this Guide…


You should begin, and end, this entire guide, by reviewing the Flash-Fire document, mentioned above.

It is very easy to get so close to the details that you lose sight of the big picture.
Everybody wants a 3-step plan, but once you have the general idea, you are going to eventually sit-down to do it, and then you’re gonna wanna know exactly what you should be doing with your time.

That’s where the details are important, and that’s the whole purpose of this guide.
That being said, now that you have the details of the strategy, your eyes are likely open to the vast array of possibilities, and again, this can be paralyzing, so, please, make sure you review the Flash-Fire document, to keep things in perspective.

That document is a summary of this entire method. 

Thank You..
I am always glad to work with people who are taking the time to go through these materials.

It won’t make one bit of difference, however, if you don’t TAKE ACTION.
I don’t mean to be ugly, or belabor the point, merely to exhort you to do something fruitful and productive with what you’ve learned, here, if anything.

I wish you well, and again, thank you for your purchase. 🙂
If you find yourself hungry for more, please be sure to check-out my other products! ^_^

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