NOTE: If you decide to purchase anything from this company, please remember to look for a coupon. 
They offer discounts up-to 40%, if you look for a coupon, and during holidays it might be even cheaper!

Atomic Email Studio Verifier delivers 99% of the same results as Debounce, and it’s WAY Cheaper!

Atomic lets you verify syntax, domain, and actual email.
The first two are super fast, and a good cursory sweep, but I tried some different things on basic verification, and I found something that makes the process pretty quick.

Atomic Email Studio Verifier has Three Options…

Three Atomic Email Studio Verifier Options - Direct SMTP Connection - Proxies - Web Script

1. Direct Connection
2. Proxy Connection
3. Web Script

Apparently, if Port 25 is closed (a common problem on GCP, for example), you can use the web script to bypass it.
You place the script in a folder, on any domain, and then add the URL to the web script area, and the program runs the script from a remote server.

It lets you assign threads, but I don’t really know how many threads you can get away with per VPS.
I looked up how many threads each vCPU would get, and it seemed like it was saying 2-threads per core, or something like that.

I’m not really sure if that’s what this is referring to, though, because when I use the direct connection, I can do A LOT more.
Proxies don’t work well, because the threads are limited to the number of proxies you have. (of course… LoL)

Direct Connection, though, taps into your ISP’s SMTP, somehow, and I was able to set the threads to 100.
So, it takes several minutes, from my PC, to verify several thousand emails.

My IP is definitely the only sending IP, so I’m not really sure what threads it’s referring to, but it’s apparently not based on IP.
There were TONS of traps being triggered, pretty much immediately, and the log shows that Spamhaus is clearly the King on the Block, when it comes to spam prevention.

My IP was black-listed within seconds, but fortunately, that doesn’t really matter, since I’m not sending email from my computer, anyways.
Plus, if there are any prevention systems, to begin with, we don’t want to mess with them.

Debounce is Just as Good, but WAY More Expensive…

Chinese Food YP Scrapes Scrubed and Verified in Atomic Email Studio Verifier and then Debounce

Debounce seems to do only slightly better, but every batch costs the credit value of the entire list you feed it.
So, it’s just not worth it, because the costs are outrageous, compared to simply having a one-time fee program on your computer. 🙂

With a reasonable amount of Bulk Credits purchased, Debounce basically comes-out to something, like, $1 per 1k email verifications. 
So, if you want to clean a list of 150k emails, it’s gonna cost you $150, and that’s basically the price of Atomic Email Studio, which can do many times more than that, for only the cost of the time to let your computer sit there and do it. (nothing)

Even if you hit one single spam-trap, it’s not gonna make any difference compared to the other 99.95% of your email list that doesn’t even have spam protection.
At least that’s my justification, now, and with that said… Long-Live Atomic Email Studio Verifier! (haha)

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