It doesn’t take much experience, doing Keyword Research, before you realize that it’s necessary to have a better way to manage the data.
You’d think that Google could just Design a Dashboard for such a purpose, and support Bloggers, as well as their PPC people, but, for some reason, that just hasn’t happened, yet.

Until that glorious day, it comes down to whatever the public can come up with.
Even in paid solutions, the management and correlative capabilities are limited, not to mention a way to actually USE the data, which is pretty much unheard of, to my knowledge.

That’s why I’ve been slowly refining this SEO Keyword Research Template for Google Sheets, over the years.
You import the data from Google Ads, yourself, then there are Formulas Built-In to the Template, so that you can make relevant correlations, and to top it all off, it has a writing system snapped onto the side.

This allows you to Research, Plan, and Track Implementation, all in the same place, and it’s not complicated.
Be sure to check-out my associated video, for more details on how it all works together.

There is a “Help” tab, at the bottom of the sheet, which has some quick notes on what everything does.
Everything is conditionally formatted, as well, (color coating) so it’s nice to look at.


Looking for More Keyword Research Help?

If you are looking for someone to actually put something like this to use, for your business, then you can also check-out my prices page for our Custom SEO Keyword Research Packages.
My Best Recommendation, however, is that you learn to do it yourself! 🙂

My DIY SEO Guide contains a Special Section on my entire Keyword Research Process.
In that section, I perform a Keyword Research Job from Start-to-Finish, and I provide a much more robust list of tools, resources, and steps to perform, so that you can follow along.


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