• You can both find keywords for your niche, or site, as well as find keywords directly from an external site, for example, from a competitor, article, or blog post, using Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool. 
  • Get Started, here: https://ads.google.com/ 
  • Go To “Tools”, at the Top-Right, then, under Planning, on the left of that pop-out menu, you will want to click “Keyword Planner”. 
    Tools>Planning>Keyword Planner
  • On that page, you should see two options:
    • Discover New Keywords
    • Get Search Volume and Forecasts
  • You will want to use “Discover New Keywords” for most purposes, but feel free to play-around in the other option, as well. 
    That other option is particularly for PPC uses, but you might want to use it for conversion projections and estimations. 
  • In the Discovery Section, you can enter up-to 10-keywords, and also 1-URL. 
    When you paste a URL, here, it will give you a pop-out list of options to target that URL as the Entire Site, or that Specific Page, or that string as an actual Keyword. 
    (very useful when looking at competitors) 
  • You can export the data, for your own uses, and be sure to checkout my FREE Keyword Research Template for Google Sheets, if you wanna import your data into something that helps you manage and plan a little better. 

I also sell a premium guide on SEO Keyword Research, so if you’re interested in that, check it out. 
My Guide Shows you excactly how I do my Keyword Research, and even includes some neat macros for doing bulk jobs. 

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