I spent about 4-months on a long, back-and-forth, web design project for a client. 
It is rare that I take on web design projects, because they are a lot of work, for diminishing returns. 

They are great for social proof, though, because a website is an extremely tangible piece of value, and you can almost always get great public feedback from your clients, as a result. 
Even the best of projects seem to arouse the most unusual of problems, at times, though. 

Congratulations, Your Site is Broken!
Error 500…cool

I went to migrate the asset, from a sandbox domain I use for building sites, and when I restored the backup, a large number of the pages were throwing “Internal Server Error 500”. 
There was no hosting access for me, for the destination domain, and it was very early in the morning (4am), so I could not look at any error logs with any ease, or contact the client for hosting support. 

I was literally just Google Searching solutions, and guessing at what might be the problem. 
I did this for a few hours, before I stumbled onto a solution from the Woocommerce Troubleshooting Docs. 

Basically, the host I landed on had weaker memory (RAM) presets. 
So, it simply could not render most of the pages. 

This is what Fixed My Internal Server Error 500…

1. Edit your .htaccess file, in your root WordPress folder, and add the line, below. 
(You can add a file manager plugin to your WordPress install, if you don’t have host access) 
php_value memory_limit 256M
2. Also, Edit your wp-config.php file, in your root WordPress folder, and add the line, below. 
(make sure it is ABOVE where it says “Happy Blogging”, otherwise, it won’t work) 
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');
I’m pretty sure that my problem was actually because of the WP Memory Limit, specifically. 

Apparently, there is a setting for PHP RAM, and WP RAM. 

As soon as I made that change to wp-config.php, my issue was immediately resolved. 
A big thanks to the guys at Woocommerce, because without that simple fix, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to figure out the problem. 

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