Features from the SignalWire API

  • Search for Local and Toll Phone Numbers
  • Purchase, Delete, and Manage Phone Numbers
  • Create, Delete, and Manage Apps, for governing Phone Number Instructions
  • List Recent Calls, and Calls by Specific Criteria
  • List and Create SMS Messages in-Bulk
  • Phone Number Lookup/Validation

Setting up your SignalWire Dashboard

  • Make a Parabola Account
  • Make a SignalWire Account
  • Subscribe to at least the Small Parabola Plan (depends on the frequency of your use)
  • Add some Money to your SignalWire Account (like, $10, or something)
  • Copy the TEMPLATE | Ivan’s Parabola SignalWire Dashboard for Google Sheets into a Folder in one of your Google Drive Accounts (Team Drives will not Work)
  • Navigate to the “HELP” tab, at the bottom of the Template, and get familiar with the reference information
    This is also where you will find updates to this template
  • Find the column labeled “Parabola Recipes”, and copy the first two codes into two separate flows in your Parabola Account
    You will have a draft for the “import flow” as well as the “export flow”
  • Make sure to watch the video playlist, for more details on the setup process, and how everything works together
    The most important setup video is called “Configuring Parabola Recipes for Ivan’s Parabola SignalWire Dashboard for Google Sheets
  • In your Parabola Flow Drafts, you will need to follow the instructions in the video, previously mentioned, by Authorizing and connecting all of the Google Sheets nodes to your copy of the SignalWire Dashboard Template
  • You will also need to replace ALL of the placeholder text in the API import, enrichment, and export nodes, with your SignalWire space name, Account (or project) SID, and finally your API Username and Password (secret) credentials
  • Once you have set everything up, you will want to “publish” your flows, and then request Webhooks Access, per the instructions mentioned in the previous video
    You will then be able to use a webhook in a bookmark, or however you like, and your flow will run when it is activated

Use Cases for this SignalWire Dashboard

  • Super Cheap VOIP Phone Numbers and Services (80% cheaper)
  • Complex Call Routing and Instructions (XML Feature)
  • Automated Sales Handling Processes
  • Lead-Generation
  • Pay-Per-Call
  • SMS Marketing

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