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10/10/2019 | New Guide | FREE Mass Keyword Multiplier Program for Command Prompt
  • 5min Overview Video, for a Quickstart Demonstration of the Program
  • 30min Use-Cases Video, for a Detailed Look at What the Program can be Used For
  • 2-Lists of of Basic Uses and Formats for the Program
  • Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions, for Understanding How To Use the Program
  • C++ Compiler Code Included, from Pastebin, as well as a 7zip download
09/06/2019 | New Guide | How to Setup Automated Payroll for Contractors
  • Over 16min of Screen Recordings, demonstrating on-screen processes.
  • Featuring Various Special Tools For Automating VA Payroll. 
  • Short Descriptions of the Benefits of Each Special Tool, and their Integrations. 
  • Consultation Available for Anyone who Needs Extra Help.
08/04/2019 | 2-New Guides| Inkscape Logos & Shotcut Video Ads
  • Over 1hr of Screen Recordings, demonstrating on-screen processes. 
  • Basic Logo Design using Shapes and Commercial-Free Fonts. 
  • Super-Short Video Clips using Single-Slide Images. 
  • Consultation Available for Anyone who Needs Extra Help. 
08/02/2019 | New Guide| UpBuck - How to Make Money on Upwork
  • Over 1hr of Screen Recordings, with Special Focus on How to Pick the Right Gigs. 
  • Concise Bullet-Points on Core Areas of Upwork Specialization. 
  • Detailed Steps, and Descriptions, for Building a Quality Brand, Product, and Sales Strategy. 
  • Consultation Available for Anyone who has any Extra Questions on the Topic. 
07/30/2019 | New Guide| WordPress SEO Hosting on GCP
  • About 50mins of On-Screen Video Recording, Demonstrating the Process. 
  • Concise Bullet-Points, on-page, listing the various steps for creating Virtual Machines on Static IPs. 
  • Links provided to relavent pages, in GCP, for making various changes. 
  • Services Offered, for anyone who needs Extra Help with the Setup Process. 
06/20/2019 | New Guide | Scrapebox YP Macro Scraping

Today, I spent a lot of time cleaning-up the “Scrapebox Macro Yellow Pages Scraping Guide”.
Some of the Generic Information has been pulled from the guide, and turned into free posts.

Check the Member’s Area for an Update, as well, on a New Table of contents feature, which has been added to improve page navigation for large courses.
The Scrapebox VPS page is also being updated with more information on long-term GCE VPS plans, so check that out, as well.

06/19/2019 | Bug Report | Progress Tracking On-Hold

Progress Tracking is Currently Non-Operational, due to Integration Problems with the Paywall Membership Platform.
The Progress Tracking Solution Requires Users to be Logged-In to a WordPress Account, in order to Properly Track Progress.

I am currently inquiring about potential integration opportunities.
There are options for Enterprise Users, but not for the current environment, so Progress Tracking may have to be put on-hold for a while.

In the meantime, you can still refer to the index pages of the various courses, and use that information to keep track of your progress.
I will update everyone, as soon as I get a more resolute answer on this issue. Thanks for your Patience!

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