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    Update | 06/22/2019 | Improved Contact Options

    The “tawk.to” platform has had non-stop rendering issues, for quite some time, so I finally made the decision to drop them, as a contact solution. 
    The Contact Page now features a Standard Contact Form, with reCaptcha V3, and a Standard Math Captcha, for anti-spam purposes. 

    In the future, I will probably replace this form with a more professional ticketing system, but this will be fine, for now. 
    I also Added more Descriptive Information on how to use the Call Scheduling System, which is below the Standard Contact Form. 

    Finally, to replace the loss of a LIVE Chat feature, I have included Facebook Chat, which I think is a more realistic solution, anyways. 
    Users are more likely to catch me, in real time, through Facebook Messenger, than through other LIVE Chat options. 

    Update | 06/20/2019 | Added Sitewide "Table of Contents"

    Utilizing a Popular Plugin, any Post with more than One Header, will automatically generate a “Table of Contents”. 
    Each Topic is Generated from the Header Tags, on-page, so it is now easier to see each page, at-a-glance, and to navigate to specific areas quickly. 

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