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Update | 08/16/2019 | All Previously Encrypted Videos are now FREE

All videos, that were protected with secure embeds, have been made “public” on the Official YouTube Channel for the site.
You can now browse freely, as well as share the videos with others.

Update | 07/19/2019 | Membership Content is Now FREE

While Scalable, and proprietary, Digital Information Products make sense on-paper, and certainly work in certain circles, I have decided that it is not the best way to achieve the significant growth that I am looking for, as an aspiring Influencer in this space.
Too much time and energy has been wasted, trying to secure, distribute, sell, and scale, etc, when the primary focus should be creating new and useful content for members.

To pre-existing members, the terms of your membership are still, technically, fulfilled, but as a bonus, I am offering extra consulting to those of you who choose to contact me, if you need any guidance.
All content is, henceforth, and forevermore, FREE, on getivan.com, without the need for sign-up or registration.

The nature of my services is shifting towards consulting packages, so be sure to check that out, when you get a chance, and thanks for your patronage! 🙂

Update | 06/22/2019 | Improved Contact Options

The “tawk.to” platform has had non-stop rendering issues, for quite some time, so I finally made the decision to drop them, as a contact solution. 
The Contact Page now features a Standard Contact Form, with reCaptcha V3, and a Standard Math Captcha, for anti-spam purposes. 

In the future, I will probably replace this form with a more professional ticketing system, but this will be fine, for now. 
I also Added more Descriptive Information on how to use the Call Scheduling System, which is below the Standard Contact Form. 

Finally, to replace the loss of a LIVE Chat feature, I have included Facebook Chat, which I think is a more realistic solution, anyways. 
Users are more likely to catch me, in real time, through Facebook Messenger, than through other LIVE Chat options. 

Update | 06/20/2019 | Added Sitewide "Table of Contents"

Utilizing a Popular Plugin, any Post with more than One Header, will automatically generate a “Table of Contents”. 
Each Topic is Generated from the Header Tags, on-page, so it is now easier to see each page, at-a-glance, and to navigate to specific areas quickly. 

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