My Products come with a Standard 30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Refund Policy on everything except perishables, including labor items.
That means that if it costs me something to fulfill your order, then I can’t offer refunds on that aspect of what you are paying for.

For example, if you buy a product, and decide you don’t want to keep your access to that product, then I can give you a refund for that, no problem.
However, if you purchase services from me, like Keyword Research, or Consultation, then I cannot offer a refund, because once I have invested my time, I have given something proprietary in value that cannot be returned.

I rarely encounter these kinds of situations, but in the event that I do, every single thing I sell also comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
That means that I will do whatever I can to provide you with more value for the money you paid, but unfortunately, I can’t take an absolute loss on a perishable service or other item.

I try to be flexible, and accommodating, so when in doubt just contact me, and we can work things out, together.
This is my business, and my ministry, and it’s designed to help people, not to take from people and then throw them away.