Victory Akpos and Misan Morrison are now inducted into Ivan’s Blacklist.
I Purchased their $300 White-Label for Reach Influencer, with the intention of including it with my SEO Consultation Packages, for my customers.
This was Purchased on October 1st, 2017, and logged in within the week, but there was no License Key.
I messaged Support, and they said that there would be a webinar within the week, with instructions on getting things going.
I never got the webinar invite, or any sort of notification, but after checking back, a week later, my key was actually there, along with the ability to download the files.
There was a severe lack of instructions, in the back-end, but I was still able to figure out how to do the setup, as I am not new to these kinds of processes, and there was the bear minimum of required information available.
I sent to set it up, on my sub-domain, and when I clicked “finish”….. nothing happened.
That entire day was dedicated to getting this program to work.
There must have been up to ten attempts, adjusting various settings, trying to get things to work together properly.
That might not sound like a lot, but considering the setup process, it definitely took me some time, and none of it made any difference.
If the software had simply been functional, at the basic level, none of this would’ve spiraled so far out of control.
I messaged support about this, back and forth, for about 30mins, and they had me create a separate ticket, claiming that tech support would get back to me within two days, at most.
One week later, no word from support, despite a confirmation ticket.
I sent in another ticket, basically saying that I needed to hear back from someone, or I was gonna refund.
Two days later, no word, so I went to login to the site’s back-end, so that I could talk to someone on LIVE Chat, and BOOM, back-end was gutted and gone. 😲
I sent a message to Victory via PayPal, and after about two days, no response.
Then, I escalated it to PayPal, as a Dispute. (Fraud Report)
At the same time, I sent in a refund request to the official support channel, and by some weird twist, they responded somewhat quickly, asking me why I wanted a refund.
LoL 😅
I told them why.
No Response. 🙄
I have email tracking, in my support email, and they haven’t even opened some of my tickets, for some reason, although it does seem like, once the emails go into the system, they can no longer be tracked properly, because they definitely saw at least one of my emails, but it didn’t show up as being seen in my tracking software. :/
Some of the sites, that were previously down, are now back up, but I am still not receiving any communications from the support staff.
Still haven’t got my money back, after an entire month of dancing with their support staff, and being blatantly ignored, but I am confident it will happen, eventually. 😛
The PayPal account, on file, is owned by Victory Akpos.