Big Investment, Little ROI…

I see this, and interact with these types of clients all the time, but I rarely do business with them.
Why? Because businesses who have been burned can be a risky investment.

If you please them, on their terms, within a short period of time, they can became die-hard clients for your brand.
If you don’t get them quick results, then they just do what they’ve done with past specialists they’ve let go.

Funny thing about SEO is that the competitive areas can take time to rank in.
So, a common scenario is when a business owner drops a specialist who has been working on his link profile for six months, and then hires a new guy, and sees amazing results within a month or two.

I see this, all the time, in pre-liminary consults.
Business owners have no idea how to judge the strength of their link profile, and the guys they’ve been working with have not done a great job providing them with proof of service.

I also see the opposite happening.
Sometimes, there is the appearance of labor, but the substance is void.

SEO Hiring Mistakes…

So, how do both parties, the client and the specialist, avoid the hassle of the jaded, or aggressive aspects, of one another?
I think the answer can be summed up in the monetary value of the services in question.

If a business owner gives a specialist $500/mo, that might seem like a lot of money to a small business owner, but in reality, that’s only about $5/hr for 30hrs per week, at a regular part-time job.
Even if you doubled that amount, that’s about how much the starting wage is at your local retail chain.

So, we’ve got business owners who wanna pay guys somewhere around minimum wage to actually make them more money.
When you put it in practical terms, like that, it’s pretty laughable.

Everybody thinks they can land cheap labor overseas, and some can, but this is one field where you DON’T want to play a numbers game.
I’ll cut the explanations short, and give you guys the answer:

  1. Small Budgets Hire for Consultation
  2. Larger Budgets Hire for Implementation

At the low end, when you get the answers, not only can you save a lot of money, but you also stay in control of the process, and can become familiar with the field as you grow.
Truthfully, when you don’t know an industry, you’re just playing a guessing game, and hoping to land the right person.

If you have more liquidity for your marketing program, or you’ve grown and know the industry better, then you can find yourself a pricier expert with solid testimonials.
The odds of any business owner “guessing” at who “might” be able to do good SEO, for $500/mo, are not great.

Avoiding Traps…

The industry is so jaded, on both sides, because of how prevalent this issue is.
If marketers are known to fall into push-button implementation schemes, business owners are similarly likely to fall into push-button ROI schemes.

Before you hire an SEO Specialist for ANYTHING, you need to ask yourself if the potential traffic is even going to justify the retainer you are agreeing to.
Some niches have higher end price points, so it’s not that difficult, while others are all about micro-transactions.

The nature of your business WILL determine the marketing strategy.
Just about any strategy can be included, but you gotta have a cost effective plan for implementing that strategy.

Keep it Simple, and ensure that you are not taking unnecessary risks.
If you wanna talk more on this topic, just shoot me a message.