Watch my video, for the short version of this article.
To summarize, the answer is “Yes”, you CAN use Pastebin just like any other Web 2.0.

If you want your pastebins to be able to have hyperlinks, and anchored text, then you will need to upgrade to the PRO version of Pastebin.
In either case, the posts index VERY quickly, and have the ability to Rank in Google.

Why Pastebin SEO?

I actually came to ask this question, because I was looking for a clipboard, in the cloud, with sequential pasting capabilities.
As a Result, I stumbled onto Pastebin, and I was like, “Oh, Yeah, I remember this Ancient Thing.”

Then it hit me, and I had to go check what it’s Domain Authority (DA) was.
It was a whopping 88/100, according to the Moz OSE.

I immediately recognized its potential, as a powerful Web 2.0, especially given the fact that you can create pastebins as quickly as social media posts.
I took a look at the trending posts, and found “New Button Gives 1M+ Robux 2017 – Instant Hack“, nestled under trends of the past year.

Placing the URL in Google confirmed that the posts DEFINITELY index.
Then, I did a broad search for the title, and again, it came up on the first page, at the fifth position.

From there, I even cut the title in half, and it was still ranking, but at the bottom of the first page.
Anyways, after testing several other pastebins, I definitely beat that horse dead, and it was no longer necessary to doubt the possibility.

Pastebin SEO is Real

It seems like a lot of people view Pastebin as a trash repository.
I mean, it is in the name, but it’s content on-page, so it should be considered for SEO purposes, none-the-less.

With a PRO account, which is between $30 to $60 on a one-time-lifetime fee, as of August 2017, you could easily use Pastebin for posting tons of quick articles, for tiers, filtering, and stacking purposes.
On another note, I am far more interested in seeing how they perform in low competition Local SEO suburbs, and the like.

Not only is there ranking potential, but you could simultaneously point them to lead-gen or client sites.
There are multiple monetization possibilities, with that in mind.

Take a look at my video, on this topic.
I’m gonna be testing this, so keep an eye out for related posts.

Since the posting system is so simple, automation is an option, here.
Pretty exciting stuff.

Pastebin Markdown Links Are DoFollow!

So, I went out on a limb, last week, and decided to straight up ask the Pastebin Support team about the nature of their Markdown Links.
I am excited to report, according to their support team, that these Markdown Links are DoFollow/NoIndex.

Ivan Asks Pastebin Support About SEOPastebin Support Responds to Ivan About SEOIvan Asks Pastebin Support About Link Juice from Markdown Hyperlinks Pastebin Support Confirms Markdown Hyperlinks are Useful For SEO Juicing Purposes

If you are wondering why I left that “NoIndex” part out, it’s not because I was trying to be click-baity.
It’s just because I find the fact that they are DoFollow significantly more valuable, overall.

The NoIndex aspect of the Markdown links is not perfect, but the good thing about this situation is that, with a premium Pastebin account, you won’t be as heavily moderated, given the fact that they have systems in place to protect themselves from spam.
I was looking for something, like this, for filtering purposes, and when you weigh the pros and cons, it is still a very ideal situation.

As it stands, regular Pastebins, without Markdown, still have the ability to Index and Rank.
On the other hand, Pastebins WITH Markdown will not index, or rank of course, but they do have the ability to pass juice.

So, even though these Markdown Hyperlinks will not cause these Pastebins to rank, you can actually pass the juice along, and use them to rank other things that are important to you.
Right now, I am viewing this as more of a Tier 3 sort of asset, but the flexibility is pretty significant.