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Ivan’s SEO Tutorial Products…

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

I have been refining, and selling, these products for years.
They are, by far, my most successful products, comprising over 90% of my business, and the positive testimonials that have resulted.


Don’t know what an SEO Guide is?

Basically, it’s a series of documents and videos that will help you learn how to get traffic to your business from search engines like Google.
If you don’t know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, in general, then you need to checkout this page: What is SEO?

Lots of businesses are paying thousands, or tens of thousands, trying to get more customers from SEO, and they are not seeing results.
This guide is meant to help people, like that, who wanna save money, and also remain in control of their SEO Marketing Strategy.

Why SEO is Important for Every Business…

In my SEO Guide, I teach business owners how to become Digital Influencers in their industry.
An Influencer is someone who is recognized as an authority in their space.

Even if you are already an Influencer, in your industry, it may be that nobody can see that from your online presence.
With a good understanding of SEO, you can gain a whole new level of visibility to your target audience, and potential customers.

Explaining an Ugly and Broken SEO Industry…

Marketing Agencies are supposedly generating upwards of $80-billion dollars per year, solely from SEO Activities.
What you’ve got to keep in mind is the fact that business owners are willingly paying that much money, in the hopes that their sacrifice will help them get more customers.

That being said, some of my most common customers are people who have had bad experiences with agencies, or freelancers overseas.
The problem is two-fold.

  1. Third-Party SEO Implementation is Expensive
  2. Genuine SEO takes Time and Expertise

You hire some SEO guy, who tells you he’s gonna be working in the background for months, but Truthfully, since this isn’t your field, you don’t really know what he’s doing.
A lot of these groups send their clients these reports, but without industry understanding you could be looking at a complete lie, or you could be looking at inconsequential results.

The other side of the coin is the cost.
The cost is expensive, to you, but to an implementation expert, most retainers are not worthwhile for the work they need to put-in for genuine results.

So, what happens is a lot of these guys take a businesses money, and slowly drip-feed value, over a long period of time, but in reality, they probably aren’t spending very many hours, per month, on your project. (otherwise, it’s unprofitable)
There are all kinds of ways that business owners try to navigate these issues, and I can promise you, without a doubt, that there are just as many ways for a bad SEO guy to make it work in his favor.

You Should Do Your Own SEO, and I can Show You How…

After years of helping customers deal with these issues, and trying to find solutions for this industry, I have found that consultation and training is the best way to help any given business.
A big part of this field, for SEO guys, if they really wanna be successful, is becoming well-versed in another person’s business, and industry.

Unless you are paying an Agency for years, and at a high mark-up, then they are not going to be able to profitably justify hiring someone to just sit-around learning about your specific business.
That’s the catch, and that’s why there are so many poor experiences in this industry, because the ideal scenario, where the business owner is NOT doing the work, means that someone has to train and pay for some guy to do it, instead.

If that’s out-of-the-question, then that leaves only two options:

  1. The Business Owner Does the Work
  2. The Business Owner has their Staff do the Work

So, does SEO work? Yes, of course. Just do a Google Search, and you’ll see tons of SEO.
It’s just not a great idea to create layers of expenses between your business, and the value you think you are paying for.

If you pay $1000/mo for some Agency to do your SEO, that money is then gonna get segmented on the way to actually delivering the value you are looking for.
A certain percent goes to paying a Virtual Assistant (VA) for training them, then more for their time to barely learn your industry, then more for their time to actually do work for you, then more for other resources like images or link placements, etc, and at the end of the day, the agency wants to make a profit, as well.

So, the answer is obvious.
Instead of wasting money on those layers, business owners can save themselves thousands of dollars by investing into training materials for themselves, and their staff.

But Ivan, I have NO TIME to do this, myself, I’m a Busy Business Person!

I hear this objection all the time, but what you have to think about is that you are already spending your time making a certain amount of money, which will then potentially be burned and wasted by some agency or freelancer.
Is it a waste of time to better yourself, your staff, your brand by becoming an Influencer in your industries Search Engine Opportunities, or is it a waste of time to just throw money at people, and hope something sticks?

Fortunately, I’ve also scaled my product, so you can spend as little as 10mins per day, and still make solid progress that out-matches ANY Agency or Freelancer, pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar.
The reason is that the industry knowledge of a business owner, or their staff, is really the limiting factor, and not the SEO knowledge required.

These training materials are capable of giving you and your business what you need for your SEO Strategy.
On top of that, you can always contact me, and I’ll be your friend to help you along the way. 🙂


$125 One-Time Fee
+Lifetime Access, Support, and Updates
+30-Day Refund Guarantee

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