What is Static Website Hosting,
and what are the Benefits?

Static Hosting is the storage, and deployment, of static web assets, like, HTML and CSS. (and some-kinds of Javascript?)
Popular CMS, like WordPress, dynamically serve content, which relies on complex Database connections, and more sophisticated code structures. 


  • Simple, Lightweight Design Approach
  • Much Higher Level of Security, since the lack of plugins, and other CMS footprints,
    severely limits your risk of code injection, and other forms of attack
  • 10x faster site-load speed
  • 100x cheaper, since server resources, and storage, are extremely limited, compared to popular CMS, like, WordPress

Static Website Hosting
Options and Recommendations

I went about 20-pages deep, in a Google Search, and individually did a cursory look at each of the options I discovered.
This list will feature my recommendations, from greatest-to-least, based on simplicity and affordability, for use as an Agency.

Static Website Hosting Services: 

Static Website Frameworks, Deployment, and Design Tools: 

Static WordPress Deployment Plugins: 

Final thoughts on these
Static Website Hosting Services…

The goal, here, is to reduce hosting costs, and maintenance. 
So, with that in-mind, HardyPress crushes most things, in general, but especially if you are dealing in WordPress matters. 

Then again, setting up each asset is also extremely time consuming, because customizations in WordPress can take forever. 
So, there is some major to be argued for finding a way to quickly throw-down template customizations, and whip-out a site as quickly as possible. 

The average business owner needs a website with either 1-2 pages, and certainly less than several, for the most part. 
Some businesses just want basic visibility, and a nice site with their contact information. 

Even for my purposes, I can make some really neat micro-service sites, with basically just a page or two to work with. 
It’s a great idea, for whipping-out landing pages, and lead-gen assets, that you don’t wanna spend a whole lot of time jacking with. 

With these kinds of things in-mind, for both quick client sites, as well as quick landing pages, I’m thinking there might be a way to speed things up. 
A basic template development tool, like Silex, might go well with something like Surge, or Zeit, and Google Firebase might also be really cool, for creating an app-like environment that clients can access. 

I’m probably going to work on a templating method for whipping-out beautiful client-sites, quickly, and I’ll be sure to update this post, or do a follow-up, once I get this process down. 
Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach-out, if you have any questions or suggestions! Thanks! 🙂 

Explaining Agency
Static HTML Builders and CMS

Viable Static CMS Platforms, from the Video: 

Viable Static HTML Website Builders: 

  • https://bootstrapstudio.io/
    (Edit) WARNING! BSS dishonestly presents their Hosting and Forms options. 
    Their Hosting is Lifetime, but ONLY for 5-sites, and there seems to be no up-sell, as of this edit. 
    Their Forms have Unlimited submissions, but ONLY for 10-recipients, and there also seems to be no up-sell, as of this edit. 

    I inquired, on their forums, about the limitations, but members of the community are about 90% focused on the good design features of BSS. 
    There’s a serious air of brainwashing, over there, and I asked them to stick to the topic of my post, but they were just there to defend BSS. 
    (this is why forums are usually a huge waste of time, when it comes to resolving an issue) 

    BSS is still great for designing purposes, despite their dishonesty in other areas, but I would encourage my readers to look below this update, for the next phase, because right now I’m looking into alternatives, so I think there might be something better on the horizon. 
    Especially, because I don’t think we should be rewarding dishonest sales-copy. 

  • https://grapedrop.com/
  • https://wappler.io/
  • https://webflow.com/
  • https://www.wocode.com/
  • https://pingendo.com/
  • https://saul.angry.ventures/
  • http://www.vvveb.com/vvvebjs/editor.html

Discussing Agency
HTML Static Form Services

Viable Static Form Services, from the Video: 

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