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Do I Need SEO Autopilot Software?

NOTICE: This post was originally an answer to a question that I encountered on Quora, titled, "What are some things to know about SEO autopilot software?". Everything, below, in block quotes, is from my original answer, and at the end I summarize with some final...

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Internal Server Error 500 after WP Site Migration

I spent about 4-months on a long, back-and-forth, web design project for a client. It is rare that I take on web design projects, because they are a lot of work, for diminishing returns. They are great for social proof, though, because a website is an extremely...

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The Niches and Industries of 100 SEO Clients

I have always had a certain impression of the kinds of clients I have had over the years. Looking at this new data, it's very interesting to see a great number of my past clients falling under the umbrella of less than a few niches and industries. Digital and Medical...

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Master Membership

Online Marketing Membership Wordpress Web Design Membership Membership for How To Make Money Online My Master Membership provides Full Access to all of the Products and Courses that I currently offer, or ever will offer in the future. This is a simple, and extremely...

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Digital Fraud from Trusted Brands

You know what would be Great? A Customer Service Company that you can pay to DEAL with OTHER Customer Service Departments from ANY company you're dealing with. That would be great. I would possibly pay for that. 🤭 Some of these companies seem to do whatever they...

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What is Pre-Built SEO Keyword Research?

Pre-Built SEO Keyword Research is a Done-For-You Service, where are a large variety of niches have been anticipated, and fulfilled before an order takes place. As a result, the price of the research is much cheaper, much quicker in...

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The Iraq Freedom SEO Client Case Study

[12/1/2018 2:05:42 AM] POTENTIAL CLIENT: I’m not paying that much. Didn’t you see the job ad for 5$   [12/1/2018 2:06:44 AM] Ivan: That's the price of my package.You don't have to buy.   [12/1/2018 2:08:15 AM] POTENTIAL CLIENT: My job ad clearly...

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FREE Keyword Research Template for Google Sheets

It doesn't take much experience, doing Keyword Research, before you realize that it's necessary to have a better way to manage the data.You'd think that Google could just Design a Dashboard for such a purpose, and support Bloggers, as well as their PPC...

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Is Social Media Necessary for Business?

Nope. It’s not Necessary. Some Businesses can make money, just fine, without Social Media. On the other hand, it does help, in a variety of ways. For some businesses, it can even be their sole-source of new money. Basic Benefits of Social Media for...

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What is SEO?

According to Wikipedia: “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results.” More accurately,...

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How To Create a WordPress Website

Acquire a Domain NameI recommend NameSilo or Uniregistry (NameSilo is cheaper, but Uniregistry has a nicer UI) Update: I no longer recommend Namecheap, because, (ironically) they have dramatically increased their renewal rates. (+40% more expensive for .com, compared...

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Sneak Peak into Ivan’s Project Management Dashboard

Check out the video, above, for a quick demonstration of my Project Management Dashboard, and what you can expect as a New Client.Organization is really important to me, and this is a HUGE part of keeping things in order, for me and my business. Using this...

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