• Get Your Account Approved
    1. Meet their Requirements and Expectations
    2. Or, have an Agency Send you an Email Invitation
  • Specialize your Profile
    1. Who You Are (archetypes based on industry standards)
    2. What You Do (keyword based)
    3. Who You Do It For (business owner profile)
    4. Chase 5-Star Reviews (Offer Incentives for Leaving Feedback)
    5. Provide at Least One Proof of Value (competence, testimonials, portfolio, etc)
  • Specialize your Product/Service
    1. What You Are Selling (Worded Exactly Like Market Keywords from Gigs Posted)
    2. Features (based on industry standards, and market expectations)
    3. Benefits (measurable results)
    4. Testmonials Confirming Value (ideally, past customers with job titles that include keywords similar to gig poster’s interest)
  • Specialize your Gig-Picks/Proposals
    1. Gig Title is Ideal based on Profile and Product Specializations (intitle: search) 
    2. Gig Description is Short (2-4 sentences) 
    3. Gig Does Not Contain More than “Simple” 1-2 Extra Questions (Ideally ZERO)
    4. Gig Does Not Contain Fearful, Angry, or Demeaning Language Directed Toward the Applicant
    5. Gig is Posted from USA, Canada, Australia, or the UK 
    6. Gig was Posted within the Last 24hrs
    7. Proposal is Ideally a Pre-Prepared Swipe (built based on Product Specialization) 
    8. Skip Special Answer Question Gigs, like, “Tell Me About Your Favorite Color”, or, “Reply with KentuckyBluePickle, if you’re a Real User”, etc
  • Final Notes
    1. On Fixed-Price Jobs, NEVER Accept an Offer, Unless Escrow has been Loaded. 
    2. All of this aside, keep things simple, and practice sending proposals everyday, 5mins per day, and you will find success. 🙂 

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